If you are trying to determine or find clarity in your life purpose – you must connect and know your true self (your authentic self).

Knowing who you really are, will help you reveal your deepest values, passions and talents – your authenticity.

My true passion is to create! I love creating, inspiring, empowering and uplifting! This is why I created this blog…

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Authenticity Quote

Authenticity Quote


Authenticity Quotes

Authenticity Quote

Every person on this earth has a life purpose, but whilst every person has a calling, many people do not even realise and remain completely unaware of it through their life.

Through society, and other external influences, many people are living lives untrue to who they really are, and were ever meant to be.

This is one very good reason why I started LiveYourLightProject.Com, because I want people to realise and awaken to what, and how life was meant to be lived, and recognise their own unique gifts, talents, and souls callings.

But whilst so many do remain unaware, there are others who know their purpose and wonderful gifts, but do not pursue their purpose for many reasons, and here are some just to name a few…

  • Afraid to fail
  • Worry what friends/family think
  • Too old/too young
  • Not intelligent enough
  • Not enough money
  • Lack of qualifications/skills
  • Established for too long in their current industry
  • Commitments such as family to support, mortgage to pay.

I have seen and met many people, with the same worries and concerns as above, who go on to successfully live and achieve their life purpose.

So if you fall into one, or more from the categories above, please read on…

I hope you will find reason, strength and courage to move forward in finding and pursuing your passions and purpose.

Have No Regrets

I often say “we only regret what we don’t do.”

Many people do not pursue their life purpose, because they are afraid of failure, or what others would think if they were to pursue their purpose.

But if you have a desire to move forward, then I urge you to do so, as I feel this next piece of research alone is enough reason…

In 2012 a Pallitive Care Nurse called Bronnie Ware published a book called,The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying”

Bronnie Ware recorded all the regrets her patients had, when reflecting back on their life, during their final days and hours.

The number ONE regret…

They wish they had the courage to I’ve the life they were destined to live.

Live A Fulfilled Life

When you are treading on the right path, you will wake up excited and energized about what you have to give, you will feel wholeness. Now I am not going to say living your life purpose is always going to be easy and perfect, because often it is not. But you will be driven and motivated to move forward even through the difficult and challenging times, because you get a sense of fulfilment by the work you are doing.

The World Needs YOU!

Not only will you gain through living your purpose. But have you ever considered, if you keep all your special gifts and talents hidden away, you are only being unfair to the world around you. You have so much to give, and what you give can change lives! So remember the world wants and needs you!

Clarity Means More Happiness

Living life with no focus, can leave you feeling confused, frustrated and anxious. This was my experience before finding my purpose. When you know your purpose, you will have so much clarity and focus. You will know exactly what you want from life and know exactly where you need to be going. This alone can create feelings of energy, inspiration and happiness.

Better Health & Wellbeing

People who are not living their life purpose, tend to live each and every day as it comes; feeling bored, tired, deflated and uninspired. Whereas people who are living their life purpose, naturally feel more optimistic, energized, excited, inspired and motivated. The optimistic mind set, can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, creating overall better health and well-being.

Love & Gratitude,

Charlene <3